Environmental Change Reconstruction Laboratory

...all that happens today is the product of what happened yesterday.


Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Tylmann
Head of Laboratory
Room: B304
58 5236577

I am a physical geographer interested in paleolimnology. Most of my work is focused on varved lake sediments and their fascinating potential for reconstructions of natural and man-made changes of the environment. I use sedimentological, geochronological and geochemical methods to piece together complex stories recorded in lake sediments.

I am currently involved in several projects that investigate the mechanisms of varve formation in lakes, preservation of climate signal in lake sediments and reconstructions of environmental change in northeastern Poland.

Dr Alicja Bonk
Assistant Professor
Room: B306
58 5236538

I am an oceanographer specializing in marine geology. Since I started my scientific work, I have been focusing on annually laminated lake sediments. I am interested especially in processes leading to varve formation, development of chronologies as well as environmental transformations induced by natural drivers and anthropogenic activity.

In my current project, I examine the long-term interactions among fire, climate, vegetation, and human activity to determine the drivers of fire regimes and their changes over the last 2000 years in northern Poland.

Dr Maurycy Żarczyński
Assistant Professor
Room: B308
58 5236511

I am a physical geographer interested in lakes and sedimentation processes. I am especially interested in varve chronologies and geochemical cycles in lake systems. Additionally, using modern visualization methods, I try to achieve beauty in data visualization.

Currently, I am focusing my research on finding links between varve formation processes, their microstructure and weather conditions.

Dr Joanna Piłczyńska
Laboratory manager
Room: B305
58 5236541

I am an oceanographer specializing in marine biology. I obtained my PhD at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, and my scientific interests focused on population genetics of gorgonians. I love traveling, cycling and climbing. Currently, I am a laboratory assistant at the Division of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology.

M.Sc. Maria Kril
PhD student
Room: B305
58 5236541

I graduated from the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography at the University of Gdańsk with a BSc in geology and MSc in oceanography. I am interested in sedimentation processes and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. Currently, I am involved in the project focused on sedimentological and geochemical investigations of varved sediments of Lake Gorzyńskie in northwest Poland.

M.Sc.Eng. Agnieszka Szczerba
PhD student
Room: B306
58 5236538

I have graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow with a Master’s Degree in environmental protection. So far, my research focused on using microorganisms in bioremediation processes and using geochemical indicators in assessing environmental pollution.

Currently, I am involved in the project focused on tracking climate signals preserved in annually laminated lake sediments of northeastern Poland.

Former team members

Dr Guillermo de Mendoza Barbera

Scholarship NAWA PPN/ULM/2020/1/00092/U/00001:

Holocene temperature reconstruction in northern Poland using lake midges

Current e-mail address:

M.Sc. Paulina Głowacka

Project NCN 2015/18/E/ST10/00325:

Tracking climate signals preserved in lake sediments from integrated process studies and ultra high-resolution analysis of annually laminated sediments

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M.Sc. Anna Poraj-Górska

Project NCN 2017/25/N/ST10/00772:

Laminated lake sediments as an indicator of recently induced anoxia in lakes of northern Poland

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M.Sc.Eng. Karolina Molisak

Karolina served as a laboratory assistant in our research group. Currently, she is enjoing her life’s passion in Morocco.

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Dr Małgorzata Kinder

Project NCN 2015/19/D/ST10/02854:

Tracking cryptotephra: toward developing a tool for precise stratigraphic correlation of lacustrine records in northern Poland (TEPHRA)

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Dr Alicja Bonk

Project PSPB-086/2010:

Climate of northern Poland during the last 1000 years: Constraining the future with the past (CLIMPOL)

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