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The palaeoecological footprint of the great Migration Period (ca. 360-510 CE) in the Greater Poland, Poznań district (Western Poland)

P. Investigator: Sambor Czerwiński
Project duration: 2022-2025
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Eutrophication, mixing regime changes and anoxia: tracking the responses of varved Lake Gorzyńskie (NW Poland) to climate variability and human impact during the Holocene

NCN 2020/37/B/ST10/01903
P. Investigator: Wojciech Tylmann
Project duration: 2021-2024
Abstract: PDF

Potential of Georgian lake sediments for environmental change reconstructions during the Holocene

NCN 2020/04/X/ST10/00467
P. Investigator: Maurycy Żarczyński
Project duration: 2020-2021
Abstract: PDF

Investigating fire history in Poland over the last 2000 years using annually laminated lake sediments

NCN 2019/32/C/ST10/00038
P. Investigator: Alicja Bonk
Project duration: 2019-2022
Abstract: PDF

Exploring VNIR/SWIR Hyperspectral Imaging of Varved Lake Sediments: Methods and Applications

SNF Div 2, 200021_172586
P. Investigator: Martin Grosjean
Project duration: 2017-2021
Abstract: PDF

Laminated lake sediments as an indicator of recently induced anoxia in lakes of northern Poland

NCN 2017/25/N/ST10/00772
P. Investigator: Anna Poraj-Górska
Project duration: 2018-2020
Abstract: PDF

Tracking climate signals preserved in lake sediments from integrated process studies and ultra high-resolution analysis of annually laminated sediments

NCN 2015/18/E/ST10/00325
P. Investigator: Wojciech Tylmann
Project duration: 2016-2021
Abstract: PDF

Tracking cryptotephra: toward developing a tool for precise stratigraphic correlation of lacustrine records in northern Poland (TEPHRA)

NCN 2015/19/D/ST10/02854
P. Investigator: Małgorzata Kinder
Project duration: 2016-2019
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