Environmental Change Reconstruction Laboratory

...all that happens today is the product of what happened yesterday.

Our students

Maciej Bieńkowski

BSc thesis:

Influence of limnological and meteorological conditions on seasonal variability of sediment accumulation in Lake Żabińskie (Masurian Lakeland)

Emilia Leszczyńska

BSc thesis:

Variability of modern sediment accumulation rates in selected lakes of northern Poland

Justyna Ciemińska

BSc thesis

Pb-210 and Cs-137 dating of sediments from Lake Birkat Al Arayes, Jordan

Karolina Styborska

BSc thesis

Historical changes in the catchment of Lake Gorzyńskie

Joanna Pytel

BSc thesis

Influence of climatic conditions on modern sedimentation in
Lake Żabińskie, Masurian Lakeland