Environmental Change Reconstruction Laboratory

...all that happens today is the product of what happened yesterday.


Field equipment
  • Gravity corers (UWITEC)
  • Ekman grab
  • Sequential sediment traps (TECHNICAP)
  • Multiparameter sonde (YSI)
  • Water samplers
  • Echosounders
  • GPS
  • Rubber boats
Initial analyses
  • Mechanical core splitter
  • Equipment for high-resolution digital photography
  • Tools for precise subsampling
  • Cold room (+4°C) for the storage of sediment cores
  • Alpha spectrometer (Canberra)
  • Gamma spectrometer with HPGe well-type detector (Canberra)
  • Petrographic microscopes (Nikon and Zeiss)
  • Hyperspectral (VNIR) Single Core Scanner (Specim)
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Shimadzu)
  • CNS analyzer (Elementar)
  • soliTIC apparatus (Elementar)
  • Spectrophotometer Spectroquant 600 (Merck)
  • Microwave digestion system (CEM)
  • Freeze dryer (LABCONCO)
  • Fume hood certified for HF (Köttermann)
  • Drying chamber (BINDER)
  • Muffle furnace (Nabertherm)